Som Os has there debut concert at Tønder festival 2020.

Tønder Festival has asked some of the country’s talented folkmusicians to write new music with inspiration from traditional music from Danish islands and areas.

The Orchestra Som Os consists of four young musicians, and together with a number of guest musicians they bring the audience to Midtjylland, South Funen, South Zealand, Læsø and Bornholm. Places where historically unique folk music has been created.

“In collaboration with the Tønder festival, our project is to show “gold mines” of music in Denmark and how the new folkmusic can be reconciled with the traditional,” says Annelene Toft Christensen, violinist in Som Os. The orchestra also consists of Tim Ewé, Cornet, Michael Hornhaver, guitar, and Jakob Kragesand, double bass.

Guest musicians at the concert will be:
Anja Præst, klarinet
Ditte Fromseier, violin,
Andreas Tophøj, violin
Henrik Jansberg, violin
Mette Katrine Jensen, harmonika.

Together, the musicians have joined some of the country’s foremost bands on the Danish folk scene, including Basco, Phønix, Mynsterland, Jensen & Bugge, Fromseier/Hockings, Jansberg Band, VÍÍK & Sherzandum.