Som Os is playing there first concert 25. of september at Mantzius Live

As part of her debut tour, Annelene and her band Som Os play support for the concert with Dreamers’ Circus!

The violinist Annelene is rooted in the folk music tradition, but has a constant searching approach to the boundaries of the genre. Annelene seeks to open the world of folk music to more ears, so it is planned for a wonderful evening where you are invited inside to discover what catches you by the embracing folk music: For some it is the dance or the thought threads to the elements you might in flashes recognizes from your other favorite genres. For others, it is simply the experience of the moment. Annelene plays with the band Som Os, which consists of the musicians from some of the country’s leading bands on the Danish folk music scene.

Annelene Toft Christensen: Violin
Tim Ewé Jensen: Cornet/Trompet
Michael Hornhaver Mortensen: Guitar
Jakob Kragesand: Double bass
Chris Falkenberg: Drums